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Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser

Oh, I miss my blog. Life with two little ones, while it’s wonderful, leaves me with very little free time. To be honest, the real challenge is finding quiet time to write. Once the hectic newborn phase ends, the biggest change from one to two babies is that you have no time to yourself. I like […]

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Life With Two Kids

I have really missed writing during my “maternity leave” hiatus. I had yet to announce it officially in this space, but I gave birth to a little boy on February 22 and my heart has been forever changed – two happy, healthy babies to call my own. Once I have logged a few more hours […]

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Are You Ready?

I’ve heard the question “Are you ready?” a lot recently. I often answer with a bit of nervous laughter and a jumbled response of “I think so!” while I silently sort through a fluster of “yes…no…maybe…I don’t know!” The reality that I am about to welcome a second baby into the world is starting to […]

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What I Love Most About Being Pregnant

I have a serious love hate relationship with pregnancy. On one hand you have the infamous symptoms: morning sickness, fatigue, an expanding waistline, and heartburn to name a few. On the other hand however, growing a tiny human being is a pretty awesome and life changing experience. I am in the third trimester of my […]

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