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Not Getting Any Sleep?

If your baby is anything like mine, any non-stop sleep is truly a luxury these days. Based on articles and books I’ve read, I would say she falls into the middle of the sleep pack – not the worst kid on the block, but sadly, certainly not the best. Our days of swaddling seem like […]

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Breastfeeding Truths: Meet Lisa

Lisa is an amazing Mom to two-year old Calvin and she was kind enough to share her breastfeeding story below, enjoy!“I had a relatively easy time breastfeeding – probably because Calvin was so aggressive (ouch!). It was painful in the beginning (about 2 seconds after each latch for about 2 weeks), but after that it […]

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The NYT’s ‘The Sippy Cup 1%’

In one of my recent posts, I commented on the enormity of the baby products industry and how as a new parent, it can be a challenge to navigate. Well, a recent article in the New York Times written by Adam Davidson, entitled The Sippy Cup 1%, touches upon the same basic premise. You can access the entire […]

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A Letter to my Baby

The other day I was heading out for a walk with the baby and as I tried to get on her jacket, I had one arm above her head and the other tangled on the side – she shot me a puzzling look as if to say, “Really Mom, are you new at this?” At […]

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