SwimZip Suits Put Sun Protection First

It’s finally summertime in the city, folks! My daughter absolutely loves playing outdoors at our neighborhood parks and playgrounds, and not surprisingly she can’t get enough of the water (I was a collegiate swimmer). While all of this outdoor play is wonderful, I am always concerned about the possibility of to much sun exposure. I searched high and low for the right products to protect her  (i.e.: sunscreen, UPF swim wear) and I came across the SwimZip suit, a parent’s best friend in the form of swim wear.

SwimZip Rash Guard

Yes, I just admitted to befriending a rash guard, but let me tell you, SwimZip has actually made my life easier. The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rash guard has a +50 rating, which means no sunscreen is required underneath, even if it gets wet. Anyone reading this who has a toddler or knows one, can appreciate the joy in needing to apply LESS sunscreen. Aside from the awesome UPF rating, the SwimZip suits have a zipper down the front, hence the name Swim-Zip.

SwimZip Rash Guard

Forget the pain of applying sunscreen, have you ever tried pulling a tight and wet rash guard over the head of a young child who doesn’t want to leave in the first place? I can tell you first hand it’s not an enjoyable experience for anyone within a 5 mile radius; the SwimZip suit eliminates all the headache with a simple zip down the front and off it goes. The suits comes in all different sizes, patterns, and feature a no-pinch zipper flap, and a tag-less, wide collar around the neck. 

SwimZip Rash Guard

My daughter’s SwimZip suit is worn almost daily, as a swim suit or sometimes I just pair the rash guard with shorts. The suit is made of quality, lightweight material and the chlorine proof feature will have my daughter set to safely enjoy the summer months ahead; less headaches for Mom equals happier times for everyone! 🙂

Thank you to SwimZip for providing a sample. As always, the opinions provided are my own. 


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  1. Krissy June 19, 2014 at 3:51 pm #

    Do you know if these swimsuits offer UV protection through the weave of the fabric or is it through chemically treated fabric? I’m having a really hard time getting a response back from Swimzip.

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