Where To Donate Baby Clothes in New York City

Spring is FINALLY here (yessss), which means it’s time to clean out the closets, open some windows and send those winter sweaters back to where they belong, in a box! I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not a big collector of things (maybe just sippy cups). I normally do not have an issue donating old clothes and household items, but it’s admittedly harder to part ways with my daughter’s things. How do I muster up the strength to donate any of her teeny-tiny and adorable baby clothes? I could keep them all in case I have another baby girl down the road, but I simply thought of ALL the babies in New York City (and the world) who are in desperate need of clothing and poof, I found my inspiration! The next steps were to sort the clothes and find a local organization in need. I conducted some research, made a few phone calls and below is my recommended list of places to donate baby clothes in New York City.


1. The Bowery Mission

The Bowery Mission is near and dear to my heart. As a former resident of the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, I’ve seen first hand the amazing work they are doing for the community; my husband and I have donated clothes to the mission in years past. The Bowery Mission accepts donations 24/7, but suggestions you call ahead. As a general rule the mission does not conduct pick ups. Click the link above to read more about donating to the Bowery Mission!


2. Room To Grow 

I love the concept of the charity, Room to Grow. They serve poverty stricken families by providing one-on-one parenting support and essential baby items for the first three years of the child’s life. The organization is looking for new or “like” new baby items (spit-up stained onsies won’t make the cut!). Room to Grow will pick up donations for a tax deductible fee. Check out the link above to read more about donating to Room To Grow!


3. Baby Buggy

Baby Buggy, another great organization, serves hand-selected local community based organizations (CBOs) by distributing donated baby gear and clothing. In conjunction with partnering CBOs, Baby Buggy also engages in incentive based donations that aim to provide comprehensive social services for parents in need. Baby Buggy will pick up donations for a tax deductible fee, but asks that you only donate clothing in great condition and that you check their “We Do Not Accept” list before scheduling! More information in the link above for donating to Baby Buggy!

The list compiled above is just a small sampling of the organizations in need of baby gear. There are local churches, community centers, and clothing drives all around the world looking for well preserved baby clothing. I know it may be temping to hang onto every last article of clothing, but there are so many children in desperate need of your generosity!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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