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Tips On How To Drop A Nap

Baby naps and I have such a love/hate relationship. When the baby naps I’m more than happy to take a break, but sometimes I question whether the process is worth the reward. My sweet little devil is normally a home-run-hitting-rockstar night sleeper, I’m talking 13 hours or longer, but when it comes to daytime naps […]

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Whoever Said Sleep Is Overrated Doesn’t Have Kids

Just when I thought sleepless nights were a thing of the past, they came storming back into my life recently.┬áThe last four weeks have been filled with more sleeplessness nights than I’ve experienced in a long time, maybe even a newborn-ago. The trouble first started with a cough, then a runny nose, followed by growing […]

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Mother’s Day Is Not A Hallmark Holiday

This year I celebrated my second Mother’s Day and I have to admit, it takes on entirely new meaning when you become a Mom. Not only do I enjoy spending the day with my own daughter, but I love seeing all the wonderful moms in my life receive a little extra love and attention. I […]

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20 Tips For Riding Amtrak With A Toddler

If you live along the East Coast like I do, chances are you’ve taken an Amtrak train at least once. Over the years, I’ve traveled up and down the coast on Amtrak more times than I care to count, but the majority of those trips occurred in my childless days, aka the “easy” days as […]

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My Child Is Killing Me Softly Today

You know the classic Fugees’ song, “Killing Me Softly“? Such a great song if you don’t, ┬ábut those three words are the best way to describe the day I experienced earlier this week. All day I kept humming the tune to the song and repeating the words, “killing me softly” as the rain fell outside […]

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