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Caring For A Sick Baby

You know those cliche commercials when Dad is driving around all night looking for a certain baby product, but of course can’t find ANYTHING he was sent out for? Well, cliche or not, those commercials represent the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Life imitated art last week in our household, as my husband […]

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How To Keep An Active Baby Busy

Looking for an activity to keep your 9-12 month-old-baby busy? Over the last few months I started playing an AMAZING and time consuming game with my little one. Some of you have probably been playing this game and didn’t even realize it. In my house, this magical game is called Toys In The Bag (clever, […]

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Am I Raising A New York Sports Fan?

My husband and I were having a conversation recently on a very serious topic. I shutter to recall the details, but the thought occurred to me lately that we might be raising a future New York sports fan. Not a big deal? Well, when you grow up in New England and Philadelphia, respectively, it’s no […]

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Vacationing With Baby: The New Normal

I just returned home from our first official family vacation in Montauk, NY and well, it was a¬†little depressing. I will never complain about escaping New York City in the summer, but vacationing with a baby is not really a “vacation”, at least not in the way it was pre-baby. Simply put, having a baby […]

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