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Times Flies With Young Kids

One of the most widely used parenting phrases is time flies or some variation of it when it relates to raising children. Cliché as it may be, it is so true. It’s hard for me to believe my daughter is almost two and a half years old and is headed to school in September – […]

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The Well Has Gone Dry

So, I’ve hit a bit of a crossroads, friends. I have been publishing roughly three blog posts a week for about a solid year now. I photograph, write, edit, and promote everything regarding this blog entirely on my own and I have to admit, I am little tired. I recently started taking a photography class, […]

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My First Trip Without Baby

My husband and I took a quick trip out to California last weekend to attend the wedding of my husband’s college buddy. The wedding took place in Healdsburg, CA – a lovely town in Sonoma County, and we left our daughter with my parents. This trip was big for me, as it marked the first […]

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Why You Can’t Put a Label on Motherhood

There is so much concern within motherhood today about what type of parent you are and the “style” you fit. Society craves neat, orderly, and tangible labels, “you belong here and not over there.” But motherhood isn’t neat or orderly, in fact it’s messy, always evolving and downright impossible to shove into a box. Granola Mom, […]

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8 Things My Toddler Irrationally Hates

Before having a child of my own, I always heard about and read that children have strange aversions towards seemingly normal things, for example, wearing socks. From a safe distance I always found these parenting tales amusing and questioned to myself whether they were actually true. Well, I’m here to admit it, toddlers are super […]

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