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In Defense of the Pinterest Mom

*I originally wrote this post for I’ll be honest with you, I get excited when I walk into a craft store. I enjoy crafting, baking, DIYs, and cooking. I might be a Pinterest Mom. The popular social media site has mixed reviews, with moms claiming to fall victim to “Pinterest Stress” because of it’s […]

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Screen Time – What’s The Right Amount?

When it comes to your child’s TV watching, i-Pad and Smartphone-playing, how much do you allow? It’s kind of a touchy subject, right? Whenever I’ve been asked the question, I always squirm in my seat and rack my brain for the best explanation I can come up with as to why she watches, how much she […]

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My Daughter is Turning Two

My daughter is turning two next week. This fact is both mind-blowing and totally exhausting when I think back to some of the longer days. Thankfully, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the majority of the 730 days {minus a few} she’s been alive and it has been such a blast. Not a “blast”, as […]

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New Moms: You Can Do It

I’ve been feeling really excited and inspired lately as many of my friends are expecting or have recently become mothers for the first or second time – it seems like another lifetime that my daughter was a newborn. Early motherhood, especially as a first timer, is so many things – overwhelming, beautiful, scary, and exhausting […]

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When The Magic of Christmas Returns

I love Christmastime. The decorations, family traditions, cookies, feel-good movies, and of course the act of gift-giving and receiving. As a child, my parent generally went all-out for Christmas – tons of gifts, sugar, and of course the magic of Santa Claus. I can actually remember when and who told me Santa wasn’t real, 25 […]

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