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How My Daughter Has Made Me a Nicer Person

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly mean before I had my daughter. Living in New York City though, has hardened me a bit. “The concrete jungle where dreams are made of” – that mantra is real, inspiring, but real. In order to survive living in New York City you need to be a little tougher, […]

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5 Ways to Be a Better Mom Friend

As parents we spend so much time teaching our children the importance of being polite, gracious, gentle, respectful, kind, and so forth. We reinforce these attributes day in and day out – “Be kind to your sister!”, say “Please and Thank you!’ – but often times it seems we forget how crucial our own behavior impacts the […]

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6 Stay At Home Mom Myths Debunked

I am a full time stay at home mom, part time freelance writer and blogger. I am always reading articles and observing how stay at home moms are portrayed in the media – it’s not pretty. Generally speaking it seems “we” hate our job one week, are grateful for it the next and must be […]

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8 Signs You’re A New Mom

Signs you’re a new mom – we all know them. Attempts at trying to reclaim your former life might prove to be ineffective, changes are to be expected. What’s the famous line, “change is good” or no, maybe it’s “don’t ever change” – either way, there are a number of telltale signs you’ve arrived at motherhood. […]

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I Miss Reading

I love a good book, especially one that is all consuming, can’t-put-it-down good. At one point pre-baby, I was actually in three book clubs at once – yes, THREE! How I managed to read 2-3 books in a months time, I will never know. Sadly, since I welcomed my daughter over a year and a […]

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A Parenting Milestone: Learning To Let Go

I was at the park recently, chasing my daughter around as she attempted to climb up and down the playground stairs, sneak underneath the jungle gym, and splash in any puddle she could find. In typical first-time-mom-fashion, I haphazardly tried to help her as she tackled a world that seemed much to big for her. […]

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