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12 Tips for Decorating Cookies with Kids

Decorating cookies with kids is one of those activities when you need to throw your hands up in the air and let almost everything slide – expect a mess, a few tears, a sugar-crazed kid and you might actually enjoy the experience. My daughter is almost two and she knows what a cookie is, but […]

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My Favorite Links of the Week

Before I start, a little vacation reminiscing. I am trying something a little different this week. I spend a good amount of time each week reading and checking out new blogs. It’s actually quite alarming how many talented writers, photographers, crafters, bakers, and the like are on the web. I am just one tiny slice […]

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7 Sleep Training Mistakes You Might Be Making

Sleep training a baby can feel like a never ending task. The moment you feel confident about your child mastering sleep is exactly when things start to shift again. My almost two-year-old, who’s been sleeping through the night steadily for over a year now, recently starting fighting nighttime sleep. The minute she was dropped into […]

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Accidents Happen: The Realities of Parenthood

In becoming a mom I accepted the responsibility of watching over my child. Navigating the often hectic streets of New York City with my daughter, I make painstaking efforts to see and hear everything – the bikers speeding on the sidewalk, the construction and scaffolding above, the cars zooming along the highway, the deafening noise […]

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