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The Universal Language of Parenthood

A nod of the head, a sympathetic look, a roll of the eye  – this is the universal language of parenthood. The empathy, judgement, and familiarity stems from sharing similar experiences. The mom in the elevator wrangling her young son who just pressed 10 floors worth of buttons sends a look, I’m sorry. The reassuring smile […]

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6 Ways A Child Changes A Marriage

This won’t come as a surprise to many, but having a child changes a marriage. Introducing a third person into an otherwise happy and peaceful marriage is a well-documented bad idea – and when this said person is a newborn, serious changes are on the horizon. Thankfully, however, shifting dynamics and responsibilities can in fact […]

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Advice For Remaining Patient With Your Toddler

There are certain days within a week that I have endless amounts of patience – as food is launched across the room and I’ve peeled my daughter from my legs for the 50th time that day, I am completely unfazed. There are other days, however, when I have zero patience for even the smallest infraction. […]

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A SmartPhone Rules My Life

Do you ever feel like a smartphone rules your life and impedes on quality time with your family? If I made a dollar for every time my daughter asked to see her “sashay” video on my iPhone – I would’t be writing this blog, I would be sailing around the world on a yacht. What […]

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Babysitter Checklist for Parents

I came up with the idea for this blog post and the creation of a babysitter checklist after a conversation I recently had with a babysitter of mine. As we chatted about her morning at the park with my daughter it dawned on me, what did I even tell her before she walked out the door […]

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Learning to Let Dad Parent

I have been inspired lately by the role of Dad, I wrote about this a few months back and have seen similar minded pieces {Scary Mommy} popping up all over the place, including this post entitled Letting Daddy In {Well Rounded NY}. From my perspective of a work-from-home-mom, I am front and center as the primary caregiver. In order […]

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