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10 Books for Toddler Separation Anxiety

Preparing a little one for preschool, or any type of consistent separation, can be a nerve wracking task. As I began planning for my two-year-old’s first preschool experience, I spent a lot of time thinking about how she would handle the separation.¬†How do you adequately explain the process of separation to a two year old? […]

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7 Tips for Cooking with Kids

Even on the most basic level, cooking with young kids is an adventure. My daughter is just shy of two and a half years old, so her work in the kitchen has been pretty limited thus far. Only recently did we attempt to make blueberry muffins together and it went pretty well (my kitchen is […]

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How to Get a Picky Toddler to Eat

My daughter has finally come of age, it’s time for the picky toddler chat. I wouldn’t have previously described my daughter as picky, but lately she’s been flexing her NO muscles a bit more at mealtime. As I’ve been navigating my way through toddlerhood, I picked up a few¬†useful tips on how to get a […]

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