5 Activities to Teach Toddlers Colors

There are so many ways to introduce the concept of colors to young children – I recently created 5 activities to teach toddlers colors and have fun in the process.┬áThese activities are designed to first introduce a few common colors and then challenge older kids with sorting, identifying, fine motor skills and arranging {plus a little jumping around!}.

My daughter is two years old {24 months} and has just begun to dip her toes into the color pool. As her vocabulary has continued to improve, she can now say a few of the colors, which naturally makes it easier for her to identify them and communicate that back to my husband and I.

According to an article on BabyCenter, a toddler should be able to say at least one color by 36 months, but it’s just a guide {and one source} – speak to your pediatrician with any concerns.

5 Activities to Teach Toddlers Colors

The first set up requires a mini muffin tin, mini liners, construction paper, a shape cutter or scissors, craft glue, and multi-colored alphabet/letter magnets. I used the following colors: Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Purple.

Cut out 4 shapes {mine are hearts, but you can use a circle} for each of the 6 colors. Take six mini muffin liners and glue a different color shape on the inside bottom {see pictures below}.

5 Activities to Teach Toddlers Colors

5 Activities to Teach Toddlers Colors

Once you have all of the pieces cut and 6 liners finished, it should look like this:


Now the game is set up – you can instruct your toddler to place a corresponding color piece in the correct liner. I’m not a child expert, but this type of game should work well for a 3 or 4 year old – my daughter tried to eat the paper. However, ask a younger toddler to place the liners into the tin {fine motor skills}, ask her to pick up the various color pieces and place them into any spot {fine motor skills}, and begin to discuss the different colors.

Next, using the same set up – replace the cut-out pieces with colored letters and numbers magnets.


These larger magnets are easier to grasp, but the concept and game is still the same. Instruct your toddler to match the colors, magnets to liners.

For the second set up you will need 6 pieces of construction paper {one of each of the colors listed above}, and the magnets. Line the paper on the carpet {ignore the hardwood floor – for picture purposes only} and scatter the colored magnets.

5 Activities to Teach Toddlers Colors

Ask your toddler to place the magnets on the matching paper {I used three of each color}.

To up the fun factor, remove the magnets and ask your toddler to jump to the corresponding color when you call out the name: RED!

5 Activities to Teach Toddlers Colors

For the last activity, remove the magnets and use the construction paper as giant flash cards. Walk around the house with {for example} the RED card and ask your toddler to identify any items that match the color she’s holding – a color scavenger hunt!

It’s no secret that experts suggest that toddlers learn best through play – therefore, these activities can be used to introduce the concepts, but ultimately you want the kids to just run with it, the recognition of colors will come eventually. Having fun while learning is the best of both worlds!


PS: Depending on the age of your child, adult supervision is recommended.

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2 Responses to 5 Activities to Teach Toddlers Colors

  1. Julie @ Don't Lick Your Sister February 15, 2015 at 5:49 pm #

    I love these ideas! We needed some fun ideas to help my 2 year old with her colors. We did the floor jumping activity (which was great while we’re stuck inside in this cold weather). My 4 year old had fun helping her sister learn too! Looking forward to doing some of the others too.

  2. Anna Julien February 18, 2015 at 12:45 pm #

    Thank you so much Julie, so glad your little one enjoyed the activities. Sounds like she has a great big sister as well, cabin fever is no joke! Stay warm.

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