Mini Distressed Mason Jars

Mason jars are incredibly popular, in fact every time I turn around someone has found a new use for them. I especially love using mini mason jars for desserts and craft projects. I recently created several mini distressed mason jars and love using them as vases. Creating these distressed jars couldn’t be easier and all the details are below.

Mini Distressed Mason Jars

Mini Distressed Mason Jars – What You Need

mini mason jars {the ones pictured have a quilted texture}
acrylic paint {I prefer the Martha Stewart brand}
paint brushes {I used Martha Stewart size 16}
nail file or light sand paper

Mini Distressed Mason Jars

Step 1: Choose one or a few colors to paint your mason jars. I painted two jars with Martha Stewart’s ‘Pool’ mixed with a few drops of ‘Wedding Cake’ white. For the third jar, I combined ‘Beach Glass’ and ‘Wedding Cake’. The quilted jars require an extra dose of patience and paint, three coats to be exact.

Step 2: Once your jars have dried completely, preferably at least 24 hours, take a nail file or a light sheet of sandpaper and file down the painted jars. You can distress the jars as much or as little as you prefer.

Mini Distressed Mason Jars

A few tips:

  1. I painted a small section on the inside of the jars and learned the hard way that while these paints are ‘water proof’ they can’t stand to be filled with water {acrylic paints are water based}. If you plan to use these jars as vases, only paint the very top perimeter inside and well above the potential water line. Alternatively, placing a small paper cup inside to contain the water would work as well, but this is only necessary if you plan to paint inside the jar.
  2. Why paint the inside of the jar at all? If you plan to use a lighter paint color, the jars will require several coats. Putting a touch of paint inside the jar thickens the color and helps transform the previously clear glass.
  3. Start slowly with the nail file, you can always file away more paint if you prefer a more distressed look.
  4. I started this project using a small foam paint brush, but later switched to the size 16 Martha Stewart brush – the foam brush did not cover the quilting texture very well.


Mini Distressed Mason Jars

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