5 Ways to Be a Better Mom Friend

As parents we spend so much time teaching our children the importance of being polite, gracious, gentle, respectful, kind, and so forth. We reinforce these attributes day in and day out – “Be kind to your sister!”, say “Please and Thank you!’ – but often times it seems we forget how crucial our own behavior impacts the learning process – our children are watching how we treat others.

My friend Stephanie wrote an article recently that really struck a cord with readers, 5 Mom-Shaming Trends That Need to Stop Now, and in it she discusses various ways in which moms are shaming one another based on their parenting skills and philosophies.

Our spectacularly brilliant and gifted children are watching, observing, and mimicking us – we, as parents, are the study group. If you want your child to embody all {or even some} of the attributes listed above or a unique list of your own, you need to practice what you preach

5 Ways to Be a Better Mom Friend

5 Ways To Be A Better Mom Friend

1. Be polite
Smile, give hugs, shake hands, say ‘thank you’, ‘please’, and ‘you’re welcome’. The concept of being polite is very simple, not necessarily easy, but simple – this even applies towards the mom who doesn’t deserve it.

2. Be gracious
Accept compliments graciously regarding yourself and your child and be free with passing them out to others. As cheesy as it may be, one of my favorite quotes pertaining to this topics is: “Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.” 

3. Be gentle 
Be gentle towards other moms in the emotional sense – listen intently and offer support and guidance when needed. I think it goes without saying as adults we don’t need reminders to be physically gentle with one another, but hey – no hitting.

4. Be respectful
Be the mom friend who doesn’t judge others for breastfeeding or formula feeding, or the mom who stays home dutifully or the one who sends her kids off to Siberia for the winter – be respectful of other parenting philosophies even if you don’t necessarily agree.

 5. Be Kind
Be kind with your comments, thoughts, and interactions with other moms. While our journeys as mothers as often similar, we all fight different battles and deal with unique struggles – show kindness even when it’s not easy.

With all the internet chatter about the shaming, and the negatively we face for our parenting decisions – let’s be the spark of change to fix it.

What additional ways do you aim to be a better mom friend? 


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