8 Things My Toddler Irrationally Hates

Before having a child of my own, I always heard about and read that children have strange aversions towards seemingly normal things, for example, wearing socks. From a safe distance I always found these parenting tales amusing and questioned to myself whether they were actually true. Well, I’m here to admit it, toddlers are super weird – at least mine is. Thankfully she’s a relatively easy going kid, but she certainly has her quirks and irrational hatred towards really funny things. I present to you, 8 things my toddler irrationally hates, in no specific order.

8 Things My Toddler Irrationally Hates

The smock won this round…

 8 Things My Toddler Irrationally Hates

1. Socks.
Yup, tall tales they were not. In the dead of one of the coldest winters on record, my daughter was barefoot 99% of the time, in fact “no socks” was one of her first phrases. After battling her to wear them outside, the millisecond we returned home the socks were off. Frankly, this one boggles my mind – I love wearing socks, the thicker and cozier the better.

2. Chicken.
As a vegetarian I can’t entirely blame her, but she has an unusually strong dislike towards chicken. Turkey, why not? Fish, fine in moderation. I’ve tried baked chicken, chicken nuggets, shredded chicken, rotisserie chicken, and she hates it all. In two years, she’s probably consumed 5 chicken nuggets smothered in ketchup, and it was a serious feat – high-fives and the promise of cupcakes for the next five days. I think it’s safe to say she just doesn’t like chicken.

3. Smocks.
I take her to a weekly art class near our apartment in NYC and all her classmates happily put on their smocks and prepare for class – not my daughter. I’m not sure if she’s concerned about it not matching her shoes or what {she is pretty fashion conscious}, but she downright refuses to even entertain the idea of wearing a smock {the picture above is the one time the smock won}.

4. A naked banana
I thought most kids preferred a “naked” banana or one that had been peeled? We have a serious no tolerance for naked bananas in our home, the minute the peel is removed, the banana is rendered useless to my daughter – it’s the banana peel or bust.

5. Mittens
I presume mittens fall into the same category as socks, maybe it feels strangely suffocating? I can only begin to imagine the thoughts running through her little mind. She’s also a pretty avid thumb sucker, so that’s surely annoying to have her favorite bud under wraps.

6. Dirty Hands
This one surprised me, I mean how many times have you seen the picture of the baby covered in pasta sauce and smiling? My daughter hates the mess and asks for “clean hands” throughout her meals, not afterwards.

7. The sandbox
As with the chicken, I can’t say I blame her on this one, but she hates the sandbox. It’s a little surprising considering most of her little friends dive right in {yes, even in New York City}. This one can probably be filed under the “dirty hands” category…

8. Men 
For the longest time, my daughter was absolutely petrified of men – this, of course, made her Dad very pleased. She refused to even look at my father, one of the nicest people on the planet. She’s come around a bit, but most men still don’t make the cut in her book {I know I will regret mentioning this one as a complaint in the years to come…}.

Despite the random tantrums and selective a-tti-tude, this age is shaping up to be pretty fun. She dislikes many more things than on this list, they just fall under the rational category for a two year old, like the toilet, the ocean, and Santa Claus.

What items {or people} are on your toddler’s list?


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