An Ode To Motherhood

An Ode to Motherhood

The touch of my skin and the smell of my hair are just right. The rise and fall of my chest feels familiar; I am home, and love, and grace. And after a few minutes, he was sound asleep in my arms.

The comfort in that moment was palpable, his perfect little body aligning with mine. In a rare moment like that one, the whole world seemed to slow, even if just for a brief second. I was struck with the purest sense of simply being his Mom, like I was a sure place of ease, a place to rest his tired head and drift off to sleep.

There is an undeniable push to be everything to everyone, and in just the right way. But the truth is, to your small children, you are just right. You are the steady arms that hold them tight, the silly voice reciting a favorite bedtime story, and the sweetest touch kissing them goodnight.

You are perfectly imperfect, and so very loved by those tiny souls because of it.

These special, the-world-briefly-stops moments are tucked away gently beneath the chaos and hubbub of every day life. We move swiftly and efficiently from one task to another, sometimes missing the hidden joy in the mundane. Daily life with small children is akin to a swirling and unforgiving tornado some days, unrelenting until the very last gust of wind.

But you are the steadying force and fierce protector of life as they know it to be.

Go in search of the quiet moments. Get lost in the imaginary world of a child, experience the wonder and curiosity, and weather the unchartered seas together. Creating a memorable childhood isn’t just about the big moments; it involves a series of small memories strung together to form a beautiful tapestry of their life. There are moments just under the surface that will entice you to stop where you are and just be.

Be enticed, cave to the moment, and revel in all the beauty of being Mom.

There will be moments, and days, when it won’t seem possible, as the raging winds of the storm bring forth a world of chaos – but remember, you are the steadying force. You are comfort, and calm, and a forgiving source of love.


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