Life With Two Kids

I have really missed writing during my “maternity leave” hiatus. I had yet to announce it officially in this space, but I gave birth to a little boy on February 22 and my heart has been forever changed – two happy, healthy babies to call my own.

Once I have logged a few more hours of sleep, I can’t wait to dive into all the fun topics concerning life with two kids.

Is it as crazy as everyone says?

Yes and no.

Certain aspects of the shift have been a lot harder than I expected, while others have been pleasantly mild. Be on the look out for some upcoming posts as I delve into everything – juggling two young kids, changes with big sis, handling the lack of sleep with a toddler running rampant, what techniques work with two, etc., etc., etc.

Until then, some cute pics will have to do. 😉

alexacole2 alexacole1

internetcole3 internetcole


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