When The Magic of Christmas Returns

I love Christmastime. The decorations, family traditions, cookies, feel-good movies, and of course the act of gift-giving and receiving. As a child, my parent generally went all-out for Christmas – tons of gifts, sugar, and of course the magic of Santa Claus. I can actually remember when and who told me Santa wasn’t real, 25 years ago {clearly I’m still crushed}.

While Christmas isn’t all about Santa Claus, magnificent reindeers, and chimney escapades, it does feel a bit lackluster without it. As the years go on and gifts change from dolls to knit sweaters, it’s simply not as exciting.

Fast forward a few years when everyone has moved out of the house and gracefully aged enough to legally share a bottle of wine together. Boyfriends and girlfriends turn into spouses and babies are born – this is when the magic of Christmas returns.

When The Magic of Christmas Returns

My daughter is almost two and understood a bit more about Christmas this year. “Ho-Ho” came to visit, she opened a few gifts {with large chunks of time in between} and certainly identified her favorites – Queen Elsa took the crown.

A few nights before we were scheduled to head out of town, my husband and I built her Christmas gift – a wooden play kitchen. We sat in front of the TV with a glass of wine and poured every ounce of our own childhood christmas’ into that toy. As we built the kitchen together, I sat there remembering all the stories my parents had told me about building our toys, hiding our bikes at the neighbors, and staying up late playing my brother’s soon-to-be Nintendo all those years ago.

When The Magic of Christmas Returns

Upon completion my husband and I sat back, admiring our work and smiled from ear to ear as we thought about how much she would love our gift. The excitement and anticipation we felt over surprising our daughter with the kitchen was reminiscent to how I felt as a little girl on Christmas.

When the magic of Christmas returns…it’s even better the second time around.

Happy Holidays!




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