My First Trip Without Baby

My husband and I took a quick trip out to California last weekend to attend the wedding of my husband’s college buddy. The wedding took place in Healdsburg, CA – a lovely town in Sonoma County, and we left our daughter with my parents.

This trip was big for me, as it marked the first time we really traveled without her and we went pretty far – a six hour flight, plus an additional two hour drive from the airport. We’ve left her several times overnight before, but no where near this far. Leading up to the big trip I did feel a bit of anxiety and worried about everything under the sun, but she did absolutely great. Our trip however, was somewhat of a disaster.

My First Trip Without Baby

Beautiful Healdsburg, CA.

The first leg of our trip was a 3 1/2 hour drive up north to my parent’s house and as luck would have it, my daughter threw up six times in the car – yes, six. She’s struggled with carsickness in the past, but this trip proved to be unusually challenging. Thankfully, she was fine the minute she stepped out of the car and received a healthy dose of Pedialyte.

The next morning, my husband and I drove to Boston’s Logan Airport and departed for San Francisco. It’s truly remarkable how easy it is to travel without a small child, and that recognition was almost worth the entire trip. The six-hour flight was going smoothly until partway when a strange odor filled the plane and we were forced to make an emergency landing in Milwaukee, yes this actually happened. After a three hour stint in Milwaukee, we finally resumed the second half of our flight. All I was thinking during the entire delay was thank God I didn’t have to entertain a two-year-old and I was sure to tell the couple sitting behind us with an 18-month-old that he was behaving so well – it’s a lot to ask an adult to sit still for an unexpected three hour delay, never mind a two-year-old.

When we finally arrived in San Francisco 9 hours later, I practically kissed the ground. We raced up north to make the tail end of the rehearsal dinner and then we were set to enjoy each other’s company for what ended up being about 24 hours. We spent a lovely Saturday walking around the town, enjoying a few great meals and just soaking up the ease of being alone for a few hours. Later that night we attended the wedding and were off to the races the next morning – until we woke up and read that our flight had been canceled.

My First Trip Without Baby

A gorgeous Camellia bush sat outside our cottage

Yes, that really happened too.

We rebooked in a scramble, raced to the airport and dealt with just one painless layover in Minneapolis.¬†We arrived at my parent’s house really late and headed back to NYC the following morning. My motto for this trip was “all’s well that ends well” – at times it felt like a complete disaster, but I couldn’t have been happier experiencing it with my husband, who made me smile even through the worst of it.

My First Trip Without Baby

Incredible succulents and aloe surrounded the property

Cheers to the next child-free trip, which will probably happen when she’s 18!

How was your first child-free trip?



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