Why You Can’t Put a Label on Motherhood

There is so much concern within motherhood today about what type of parent you are and the “style” you fit. Society craves neat, orderly, and tangible labels, “you belong here and not over there.” But motherhood isn’t neat or orderly, in fact it’s messy, always evolving and downright impossible to shove into a box.


Granola Mom, mixed with Tiger Mom and Helicopter Mom, and don’t forget Breastfeeding Mom, Attachment Mom, and Lenient Momcome together to embody what many of us are without the labels and added pressure to uphold a unique set of ideals – not to mention, the majority of these stereotypes don’t exactly paint the most flattering picture of motherhood.

The day I decided to breastfeed my daughter and the subsequent weeks I fought to find a solution to the increasing pain, I was a Breastfeeding Mom. When I worried about the chemicals in our cleaning products and the processed food in our diets, I was a Granola Mom. The weeks I spent searching, touring, and applying to preschools for my daughter, I was a Tiger Mom. The way my heart swells when my two-year-old curls up in my lap to be rocked before bed, I am an Attachment Mom. The worried moments I spend chasing her around the playground, I am a Helicopter Mom. And my favorite of all, the times I’ve given her ice cream before dinner and treated her to a chocolate croissant for lunch, I am a Lenient Mom. In my best and worst moments as a mother, I could have been labeled by any one these stereotypical mothering types.

There is no perfect style of motherhood or a one-size-fits-all script, in fact what worked today might not even work tomorrow. In making the decision to breastfeed my daughter, for example, did not mean I also purchased a Prius. Learning to parent outside of what is expected provides a sense of freedom and the ability to grow and find balance within the ever-changing role of motherhood.




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