Brooklyn Botanic Gardens – A Visit in Pictures

Springtime in New York City is wonderful; the weather is awesome, the flowers are in full bloom, and dining al fresco becomes a way of life for a few short months. One of my favorite spots to visit is the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, in fact it’s where I spent Mother’s Day last year (this year I was potty training). My mom was in town recently and I thought it would be the perfect place to spend a few hours.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens


These photos are of a Japanese Tree Peony, one of my all-time favorite flowers. Unfortunately we missed the Cherry Blossoms this year, but these beauties were a nice consolation.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

The Spanish Bluebells were also in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous. Did I mention it was SUPER hot out? As you can tell from her flushed cheeks, we were all feeling the heat.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Don’t quote me on this – sorry, I am not a flower expert – but I think these are white Hydrangeas – beautiful either way.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

After an hour of walking the grounds in the heat, I finally convinced her to ditch the sweater – oh, to be two again! I love visiting the gardens for many reasons, but especially because she has the ability to roam around and stretch her legs – she’s a bonafide city kid.

And a hot (spring) day wouldn’t be complete without ice cream, right?

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens  


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