Classic Kids Photography

The first few months of my daughter’s life were a bit of a blur. Like most first time moms, I was lucky to find the time for a shower and to eat a decent meal. One milestone of newborn-hood I neglected to plan for was to arrange professional photos. Not surprisingly, the first year completely flew by and we still had no photos. Sure, my husband and I had taken TONS of photos of our daughter, but I was longing for something a bit more special and when I stumbled upon Classic Kids Upper East Side I absolutely fell in love. The all black and white photography company produces some of the most natural, authentic and stunning children’s photography I’ve ever seen.

Classic Kids Photography – Black and White Photos

I’ve loved black and white photography for as long as I can remember. If you take a look at the photos displayed around my apartment you will notice about 75 percent are lacking color, on purpose. Once I discovered Classic Kids, I began prodding my husband and repeatedly showed him photos they displayed via social media. He agreed that the photos were amazing, but he wasn’t fully sold on the black and white – “Can’t we have some color?” he asked and I promptly told him “No” :). I explained to him the photos of our daughter would be a work of art, a snapshot in time we would cherish forever and the black and white feature is what makes the photography so unique. Hook line and sinker, he was in!

Classic Kids Photography – The Photo Shoot 

Leading up to our photography session, I was a bit nervous about how my daughter would react. At 18 months, she tends to be a little shy around strangers – I had a vision of her clinging to my legs the entire time and never letting go. Well let me tell you, within 30 seconds of entering the studio she was swinging around with photographer Lindsay May. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her warm up to anyone so quickly which is a true testament to Lindsay and her team.

Classic Kids Photography

Once the camera started clicking I was able to see exactly how they get such amazing shots – they had more energy than I’ve had at any age in my entire life. The team utilized specific techniques and “smart” energy – they were very deliberate, but fun and creative at the same time. After witnessing the entire process, I knew the photos would turn out great.

Classic Kids Photography

Classic Kids Photography – The Photos

Shortly after the photography session, I returned to the studio to look at the proofs and was blown away. One by one we sorted through the photos and they were all that I had imagined and more – Lindsay and her team truly captured the spirit of my little girl. Below are a few of the shots…

Classic Kids Photography

Classic Kids Photography


Classic Kids Photography

I know she’s my child, but aren’t the photos just the sweetest? I am so excited to have these stunning prints to display around my home and to cherish this fleeting stage in her life.

Thinking ahead a few months, now is the perfect time to schedule your holiday shoots. Yes, really – we are only a few months out. What grandparent wouldn’t go crazy over shots like these of their beloved grandchildren? 🙂 Visit Classic Kids Photography and schedule a session today!

A special thank you to Lindsay and Jenn, who were an absolute pleasure to work with and both will forever have a place in my heart for capturing my little girl so perfectly.

What do you think of the photos? 


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