Exploring NYC: Brooklyn Bridge

I just experienced one of the busiest and most enjoyable NYC weekends I’ve had in a while! Well, Saturday was pretty uneventful, but we made up for it on Sunday by trekking across the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge, visiting Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane’s Carousel, and Smorgasburg Food Market, the definition of a jam packed day!

Exploring New York City: Brooklyn Bridge

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge is truly breathtaking, despite living in New York City I’ve only walked it once several years ago. The views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn are awesome and even though it can be crowded with the bikers, it’s a lovely walk.

Exploring New York City: Brooklyn Bridge

Following our trek over the bridge, the baby was ready to stretch her legs and explore Brooklyn for the first time. Our first stop was Brooklyn Bridge Park, a waterfront park that runs along the East River. The park has spacious¬†green lawns, sports fields, restaurants, playgrounds, essentially the perfect place for a 16-month-old to roam.¬†Also located at BBP in the neighborhood of Dumbo is Jane’s Carousel, built in 1922 and originally installed at Idora Park, in Youngstown, Ohio. How’s that for an impromptu history lesson?

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you know I’m not a huge fan of old carousels, but I put on a brave face for my daughter…

Exploring New York City: Brooklyn Bridge

I was so dizzy after the first spin and while she looks a little trepidatious in this picture, she actually cried when the ride was over. I think I’ll let Dad ride with her next time…

Once we left the carousel, we walked further into Brooklyn Bridge Park to Smorgasburg for lunch. As I’ve mentioned before my husband is definitely the family foodie and purveyor of all things delicious, so I know we would be eating well. Smorgasburg has 100 vendors and something for everyone: delicious Mac & Cheese for the baby, a kale salad and vegetable focaccia bread for me, and a hot dog and sandwich for my husband (small portions, I swear).

Exploring New York City: Brooklyn Bridge

We of course saved the best for last and shared a mouthwatering Dough donut and ice cream sandwich, good thing we walked both ways over the bridge huh?

Exploring New York City: Brooklyn Bridge

I think we logged well over 6 miles on our trek from Manhattan to Brooklyn and enjoyed every second of it. This day reminded me a lot of our life pre-baby when we would walk all over the city for hours exploring; it felt good to be back!





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3 Responses to Exploring NYC: Brooklyn Bridge

  1. cvail June 7, 2014 at 4:42 am #

    Wow! How timely to stumble upon this post. We’re heading to NYC in just a couple of week and we’d planning on hiking over the bridge, but now I can find some good food on the other end…awesome!

  2. Anna Julien June 9, 2014 at 2:38 pm #

    Great! The walk from the Bridge to Smorgasburg is a bit of a hike, but there are plenty of places to stop a long the way!

  3. hilaryetravels June 10, 2014 at 3:19 pm #

    Gorgeous pictures! We loved walking the Brooklyn Bridge and going to the park at DUMBO.

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