How I Raise My Child in New York City

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked the question, how do you raise a child in New York City? I’m not writing about this in a negative tone, in fact I totally understand the question. The majority of people, myself included until I moved to the area, only know the city for the Time-Square-like imagery. The funniest part about hearing the question is that I don’t even have a great answer, most of what I say doesn’t seem to satisfy anyone. But, I have decided I am going to answer the question, right here, right now, and in print so I have it in writing for next time!


How I raise my child in New York City
I raise my child in New York City just like any other parent except I walk a TON, I treat my stroller like a car {yes, including the mess}, I grocery shop at least every other day, I ride the subway with my daughter, I stroll by the Statue of Liberty most days of the week, and I am constantly reminded about 9/11 each time I look up and see the Freedom Tower. As one would assume, the streets of New York City are hectic, as are the subways and tourist attractions, but not our neighborhoods and homes. My home, a two bedroom apartment, probably looks about as clean as your home right now, toys all over the living room, laundry waiting to be folded, and beds unmade. I know it may seem hard to believe, but my life is really very simple.

What I find most fascinating is the fact that my daughter is a bonafide city kid. I often notice her peering out our 15th-floor windows, watching the yellow taxis and city dwellers pass by. It’s funny for me, having grown up in the suburbs, to realize this is the only world she knows. Everyone has skyscrapers for neighbors, right? The museums, culture, restaurants and all that NYC has to offer is a huge part of the city experience, but it’s very easy to miss when you have a young child at home. I’ll admit, you won’t find me strolling down to Time Square or waiting in line to climb the Empire State building often, no I’m usually at home with a glass of wine mindlessly watching the Real Housewives of somewhere.

I love living in NYC, minus the lack of a backyard, a spare bedroom, etc., etc., but there is never a shortage of something cool to see, especially from my new view of 32.5 inches. Oddly enough, answering the question is harder than it seems and that’s probably because I’m still learning and navigating this crazy ride of parenthood that living in New York City is the least of my concerns. 🙂



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