New York Transit Museum: A Hidden Gem

The New York Transit Museum, the largest museum in the United States dedicated to urban public transportation history, is an absolute must-see when visiting New York City. In all honesty, I don’t peg many museums or exhibits in the city as “must-see”, but this one received my stamp of approval and a few high-fives.

New York Transit Museum

My husband and I have lived in the New York City metro area for a combined 18 years and neither of us had previously visited the museum. It’s located in Downtown Brooklyn, at 130 Livingston Street, and is housed in an old 1936 IND subway station. The museum offers tons of written text and historical accounts, but with a two-year-old, we were more focused on “things” we could touch and hopefully not break.

New York Transit Museum


The museum houses old ticket turnstiles, subway cars dating back to their inception {and amazing old subway advertisements}, city bus replicas, and interactive displays featuring the various means for conducting energy. In addition, the museum has a gallery room currently filled with gorgeous subway shots, a lunch room adorned with old subway signs, a classroom, and store.

New York Transit Museum

Trouble is coming!

New York Transit Museum

Old subway signs

What I loved most about the New York Transit Museum is how wide the appeal is – adults, kids, grandparents – everyone has something to see and enjoy. The museum is child-friendly, but it’s not designed for kids alone – in fact my husband probably enjoyed it most of all.

New York Transit Museum

Taking a peak underneath the subway

New York Transit Museum – What You Should Know

  • The hours can be found here.
  • Food is not available to buy, but there is a lunch room where outside food is permitted.
  • The museum operators only allow a certain amount of people inside at one time – be prepared to wait outside {we waited approximately 15-20 minutes}.
  • There are signs everywhere, but be warned that some of the train tracks are still live with electricity.
New York Transit Museum

Interactive Energy Exhibit

The museum is just a short subway ride from Downtown Manhattan and well worth the trip if you are visiting New York City. As I mentioned above, there are few museums that are equally enjoyed within my family – take the opportunity to visit the New York Transit Museum if you can!

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2 Responses to New York Transit Museum: A Hidden Gem

  1. Jess @UsedYorkCity January 7, 2015 at 10:14 am #

    I have never been to this museum either, but it’s been on my list for a while and your article just bumped it way up, thanks! Very excited to visit, especially love all the vintage goodies!;-)

  2. Anna Julien January 11, 2015 at 5:51 pm #

    Yes, Jess – you will love it then, tons of awesome stuff to look at!

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