NYC Winter and a Melting Hudson River

This winter has been pretty brutal right? I’m in no way comparing our NYC winter to those further up north {I’m lookin’ at you Boston}, but it has been so cold and miserable. Entertaining a two-year-old inside all day is not for the faint of heart.

Over the weekend we were treated to a gorgeously sunny and wet afternoon – our reward from Mother Nature for dealing with freezing temps for the last several weeks. I could see from our apartment that the Hudson River was glistening in all of its’ melting glory and with 40 degree temperatures, we jumped at the chance to head outdoors.

NYC Winter and a Melting Hudson RiverAs you can see from the picture, large chunks of ice have recently formed in the river and as a result of the warmer temperatures, everything began to melt {only to refreeze again today}.

NYC Winter and a Melting Hudson River

It was amazing to see what warmer weather can do to people who have been cooped up for a while – tons of smiling faces, baby strollers, and runners crowded the promenade behind our apartment in Battery Park City.

I snapped the following picture of the deserted marina near our apartment that is filled with charming sail boats and over-sized yachts during the spring and summer – it looked oddly serene and beautiful over the weekend with a little sunlight.

NYC Winter and a Melting Hudson River A nice stroll around the neighborhood was just what the doctor ordered and a nice reminder for why we put up with miserable winters in New York.

NYC Winter and a Melting Hudson River

NYC Winter and a Melting Hudson River



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