Springtime in New York City

I love Springtime in New York City. The city feels fresh, alive, and vibrant; people are smiling again and have begun to shed their 50 shades of black wardrobe. We spent a lovely day hanging in one of our favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods, Dumbo. Dumbo stands for Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass – what a mouthful, right? No wonder they created an acronym.

The neighborhood has a very classic and industrial feel to it, a lot of exposed brick and gorgeous cobble stone streets. Dumbo has great shopping, including my favorite little shop West Elm Market and some delicious restaurants. A carousel originally built in 1922, a playground, parks, and stunning views of Manhattan have this neighborhood on the top of my wish list.

Springtime in New York City  This photograph is of the Brooklyn Bridge in all of it’s glory – such a beautiful structure to look at from the ground and to walk across – I wrote a post about it last summer.

I forgot to mention it previously, but I recently started taking a photography course and now shoot my camera in manual. It takes a ton of practice, so bear with me as my skills improve. Now that the weather is nice again, I can’t wait to get out and photograph the city.

Springtime in New York City This photograph is of the Manhattan Bridge, the less popular little sister of the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m totally kidding, but it certainly gets the shaft as far as popular bridges go – it’s really quite beautiful from the ground, I’ve never walked it.

Stay tuned for more city adventures and photographs!


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