The Million Dollar Question

“Where do you think you guys will end up?”

I hear this question all the time, like ALL THE TIME. To be honest, sometimes I am the one seeking an answer.

In New York and other large cities I’m sure, couples seem to hit a crossroad between baby #1 and #2 – raising one child in the city is manageable, but the second causes many people to hit the road for greener pastures and a white picket fence. This phenomenon occurs for many reasons, but some of which include the enormous rent increase between a two and three bedroom apartment and the overall lack of space.

Brooklyn, NYC

On any given day it seems, I lean towards staying in the city, moving to a different borough, or packing up for a move to the suburbs. In some respects I love living in the city and definitely fear that I would miss the fast pace of life and the convenience of walking out the door to find pretty much anything. I love the diversity, culture, and challenge some days – I still find myself in disbelief that I actually live in New York City even after all these years.  I find the idea of the white picket fence and a quieter life alluring, but I wonder if I would actually enjoy it…

It’s the million dollar question in our life right now, with no immediate need to find an answer. Continuing to rent for a period of time is a definite option, and a good one, I just want to paint some walls and really create a space of my own one of these days!

What is the million dollar question in your life right now?



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