The Well Has Gone Dry

So, I’ve hit a bit of a crossroads, friends. I have been publishing roughly three blog posts a week for about a solid year now. I photograph, write, edit, and promote everything regarding this blog entirely on my own and I have to admit, I am little tired. I recently started taking a photography class, […]

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How To Keep Toddlers Safe in a Public Playground

Living in New York City, I visit public playgrounds on a daily basis, sometimes more than once. As a self-described “worrier”, this is not exactly my favorite activity with a fearless two-year-old. However, I am keenly aware that I can not keep my daughter cooped up in the apartment all summer and needed to find […]

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Springtime in New York City

I love Springtime in New York City. The city feels fresh, alive, and vibrant; people are smiling again and have begun to shed their 50 shades of black wardrobe. We spent a lovely day hanging in one of our favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods, Dumbo. Dumbo stands for Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass – what a […]

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Mini Distressed Mason Jars

Mason jars are incredibly popular, in fact every time I turn around someone has found a new use for them. I especially love using mini mason jars for desserts and craft projects. I recently created several mini distressed mason jars and love using them as vases. Creating these distressed jars couldn’t be easier and all […]

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