A SmartPhone Rules My Life

Do you ever feel like a smartphone rules your life and impedes on quality time with your family? If I made a dollar for every time my daughter asked to see her “sashay” video on my iPhone – I would’t be writing this blog, I would be sailing around the world on a yacht. What started out as an innocent viewing has turned into a full blown obsession and I am {almost} entirely to blame. Aside from my too-young-to-know daughter, my husband and I would receive failing grades as well. It’s sad to admit, but a smartphone rules my life.

A smartphone rules my life

A Smartphone Rules My Life  

It’s hard to imagine just how much the cell phone has changed in a few short years. How many conversations do you share on your cell phone these days? Probably not many. The reason the smartphone irks me so much is how powerful it has become. Personally speaking, I check my phone entirely too much throughout the day – mindlessly scrolling for updates. I used to have such a wide imagination, especially as a kid – I could stare out the window for hours just daydreaming about anything. Now, I fill the empty space with emails, tweets, and Facebook updates of friends I haven’t spoken to in years. The constant need to check-in, check-out, and update is incredibly addicting, in fact I would argue in many ways it’s damaging to family life as we once knew.

Now, with all this “I hate the smartphone” chatter, it’s not all bad. Connecting with old friends and keeping current with family members through features like FaceTime are very cool – in between my daughter’s incessant video requests she can spend a little virtual time with her grandparents. For traveling parents and loved ones on the go, the smartphone can be a tremendous asset and can actually help bring a family closer. The famous line, “everything in moderation” seems appropriate here, but it’s difficult to follow through.

As with a lot of things in my life, I don’t have the answers. I am navigating the world of parenthood and trying to figure out what’s best for my daughter and family as a whole. How do you stay connected as a family with all the temptations to disengage? How am I supposed to teach my daughter not to obsess over the iPhone when I struggle to put it down myself. In some ways its remarkable to think our parents raised us without the help of the smartphone and tablet – how in the world did they do it?

I may be alone in my thinking, but the idea that a smartphone rules my life isn’t acceptable – to me. I want to sit with no external distracts and sip my coffee. I want to read a few pages of a book before bedtime. I want to have conversations with my husband without each of us pausing to read a text. With so few hours in the day, I want to focus all my time on being present in each moment in my life – there will always be a time and a place for the smartphone – just in moderation.

Does a smartphone rule your life? Do you implement family rules about cell phone usage or do you encourage it? 


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