Be Patient: Your Child Will Stop Throwing Food

I’ve been a parent for just shy of two years and far and away the most useful advice I could ever give to another parent is to be patient – how frustrating and not-helpful does that feel? If someone told me two years ago to be patient while my newborn cried for hours on end I would have cursed and then probably cried myself. But the hard reality is that many, many {many} stages of development require a tremendous amount of patience.


The reoccurring theme of patience has seeped into my life time and time again: adapting to nurse a baby, waiting for my daughter to sleep through the night, adjust to naptime schedules {again and again}, and teaching her not to throw food from the highchair – the list goes on and on. It’s nearly impossible to realize it at the time, but every phase eventually runs it’s course and gives way to another change – most children stop throwing food at a certain point.

I realized the importance of being patient so clearly this week when I watched my daughter dance by herself at ballet for the very first time. I know it might not seem to large of an achievement, but from a 21-month old child who mere months ago would not leave my lap for the entire 45 minute class, it felt monumental. Over the course of the last several months I watched other children her age prance and sashay around the room with ease, while my daughter clamored to hold her teacher’s hand before taking a step. I felt frustrated when she began throwing little fits every time she couldn’t grab the teacher’s attention.


If only she could speak a little more she probably would have told me – “Mom, be patient, I need a bit more time.” because that is exactly what she needed – time. Before anyone realized, she simply let go. In that moment, as I watched her dance to her own little metaphorical drum, my heart swelled with pride and I realized she had been bracing herself to let go the entire time. She wasn’t delayed, ahead, or anywhere in between – she was right where she needed to be the entire time.

If you are dealing with a challenging developmental stage with your child, whether they are learning to sleep through the night, drop a nap, or try new food, I encourage you to be patient. A spark of change, a transition, the ending of a less than desirable phase could be right around the corner – you never know when they might just “dance” away.






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2 Responses to Be Patient: Your Child Will Stop Throwing Food

  1. Jen Mic November 6, 2014 at 6:02 am #

    really enjoy reading your blog! thought this post was great!

  2. Manicmom November 6, 2014 at 1:01 pm #

    Oh, so precious, those pictures. As mom of boys I don’t get a lot of pink tutus, but the patience thing is spot on no matter the gender.

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