My Favorite Links of the Week

My Favorite Links of the Week

Before I start, a little vacation reminiscing.

I am trying something a little different this week. I spend a good amount of time each week reading and checking out new blogs. It’s actually quite alarming how many talented writers, photographers, crafters, bakers, and the like are on the web. I am just one tiny slice of the pie and wanted to share with you some of my favorite links of the week, enjoy!

My Favorite Links of the Week

If you are looking for a party-stopping over-the-top dessert for the upcoming holidays, I present to you: Peppermint Bark Brownies.

Moms, parents, ANYONE – this parody video of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” is so funny and cute. While I’m on the topic, this mom parody video is also amazing and one of my all-time favorites.

A new vegetarian dinner recipe perhaps, Butternut Squash and Kale Lasagna – sign me up!

Find great tips and gorgeous inspiration from the Fashionable Hostess when it comes to  planning your holiday party.

Adorable ‘Made with Love’ tags for all the homemade gifts you’re working on this week and a recap of the Christmas Eve tags I shared with you last week!

This family/mom post gave me chills, so sweet and such a special story.

Lastly, I will be tackling Christmas sugar cookies this weekend for an upcoming cookie decorating party and I’m planning to use this Martha Stewart recipe for Basic Sugar Cookies. I always screw up baking cookies, so hopefully this goes well.

Have a great weekend!



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