Why Are Toys So Hard To Open?

I sat down to write this post following an epic battle with one of my daughter’s new toys; please SOMEONE, why are toys SO hard to open?

Why Are Toys So Hard To Open?

The plastic is nearly impenetrable and the twisty-ties are fixed SO tightly that I usually end up tearing the entire box apart just to remove the toy. Are manufacturers afraid the elephants, teddy bears, and baby dolls might otherwise escape; I am utterly perplexed over the Fort Knox type security for kids toys.

I’ve made the rookie parenting mistake several times recently by opening a toy in front of my 16-month-old-daughter, BIG mistake. She screeches and paces around the box trying to get a status update on what will be her favorite toy for at least 15 minutes. We fight over the scissors (I always win, don’t worry), the insanely hazardous plastic pieces, and any tools needed to assemble the damn toy. OH, that’s right, I still need to put it together once I’ve battled with a hunk of plastic for 45 minutes. Poor kid probably assumes the box and wrapping is the toy..

Why Are Toys So Hard To Open?

Who would have thought this innocent, adorable elephant would make me want to pull my hair out? Thankfully Alexa loved it, as her screeching turned into delightful squeals, making all the frustration worth it, well at least most of it.

To all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else who knows a child, why are toys so hard to open? Forget water boarding, hand over 50 toys and see how quickly someone caves…

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