Healthy Fruit Lovers Snacks

After a long and very cold winter, spring is finally upon us! Aside from enjoying the warmer weather, I can’t wait for the seasonal produce and weekly trips to our local farmers market. My daughter absolutely loves fruit, which is great, but I am always trying to introduce new varieties and sneak in some additional protein when possible. I’ve put together a short list of our household favorites, a group of Healthy Fruit Lovers Snacks for the entire family to enjoy!

Healthy Fruit Lovers Snacks

Strawberries are a huge hit in our house, in fact they might be my favorite fruit. When I have the time, I love to cut them into heart shapes for my daughter. To achieve the “heart” shape, remove the green leaves, cut a small triangle with a pairing knife at the top from front to back, remove the triangle and ta-da!

Healthy Fruit Lovers Snacks

In order to increase the heath factor, I love to serve the strawberries with a really simple greek yogurt dip. I prefer to use 0 % greek yogurt {that’s more for me than her}, mixed with a drizzle of honey and a pinch of cinnamon – it’s so delicious and packs a serious protein punch. Alternatively, I also serve the greek yogurt and strawberries with a bit of granola, sliced almonds, and chia seeds – I could eat this meal every day.


Another household staple is the ever-popular banana. Between my husband and daughter, I need to restock these bad boys every few days. Lately I’ve been creating what I refer to as a “loaded banana” which is a sliced banana covered with healthy ingredients. I routinely include a form of peanut butter, either chips or melted, a tiny bit of honey, chia seeds, crushed almonds, and occasionally coconut flakes. My two-year-old will sit down with her little fork and eat the entire banana. While I am completely happy to offer her plain fruit, I love being able to sneak in some extra nutrition when I can!


Another fruit she is loving right now is Kiwi, which is not only delicious, but loaded with Vitamin C.

Healthy Fruit Lovers Snacks

Kiwi is so easy to prepare and the soft flesh is great for little ones. The sweet flavor pairs perfectly with the tanginess of the greek yogurt dip mentioned above. In addition, I love seeing Kiwis in fruit salad, they are just so lovely!

What are your favorite household fruits? 



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