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What I Love Most About Being Pregnant

I have a serious love hate relationship with pregnancy. On one hand you have the infamous symptoms: morning sickness, fatigue, an expanding waistline, and heartburn to name a few. On the other hand however, growing a tiny human being is a pretty awesome and life changing experience. I am in the third trimester of my […]

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Baby News

I have some very exciting news to (finally) share with everyone today…we are expecting baby number two! Regular readers of the blog might have noticed a few months of silence and that was largely due to awful morning sickness or “night” sickness in my case. I am a little less than half way through the […]

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Touch and Feel Sensory Sticks

Sensory play is a crucial component to early childhood learning and development. I’m sure you’ve noticed that an infant or young toddler wants to touch EVERYTHING, and then maybe taste it, shake it, and so forth. My latest DIY project focuses specifically on touch and feel sensors and best of all, it couldn’t be easier […]

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My Daughter is Turning Two

My daughter is turning two next week. This fact is both mind-blowing and totally exhausting when I think back to some of the longer days. Thankfully, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the majority of the 730 days {minus a few} she’s been alive and it has been such a blast. Not a “blast”, as […]

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9 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pediatrician

You’re 8-months pregnant, ticking through the enormous to-do list you created and you’ve come to the next entry – Find a Pediatrician. Easy enough, right? There are hundreds upon hundreds of qualified pediatricians in New York City, but I had to start somewhere with a list of questions and priorities for my family. The questions […]

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