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Trick or Treating in New York City

This year marked my daughter’s official first Halloween – she was only 9 months last October. Trick or Treating in New York City is entirely different from my experience as a child living in suburban Rhode Island, but the costume wearing and candy hunting remains largely the same. Much to my surprise, she gladly wore […]

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Halloween Crafts for Kids: Where’s Boo?

My daughter is turning two in a few short months and as a result, I’ve tried introducing more creative projects into our day. I studied education in college and spent quite a bit of time in the classroom working with children of all ages – this might explain why I am always cooking up mini […]

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Celebrating Halloween with Kids

I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween, in fact the last few years I’ve attempted to avoid the holiday all together. Growing up I always participated by dressing up and collecting candy from neighbors, but my heart was never in it – I lazily wore a witches costume for several years in a row. […]

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