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5 Life Lessons to Learn From a Toddler

Toddlers are complex little beings; one minute my daughter is fearlessly attempting a jump off the couch, and the next she’s afraid of her baby-sitter. It’s a complicated and BIG world to navigate if you are 36 inches tall, have been walking for less than a year, and still haven’t the slightest idea how to tie […]

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Why You Can’t Put a Label on Motherhood

There is so much concern within motherhood today about what type of parent you are and the “style” you fit. Society craves neat, orderly, and tangible labels, “you belong here and not over there.” But motherhood isn’t neat or orderly, in fact it’s messy, always evolving and downright impossible to shove into a box. Granola Mom, […]

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Why I Ignore Most Parenting Studies

You may or may not have read about the latest sleep study hitting the internet and morning shows, which states that two-year-olds and older toddlers might be spoiling nighttime sleep by napping during the day. I’m going to now address the giant elephant in the room and ask a question; the uncovering of this “mind-blowing” […]

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In Defense of the Pinterest Mom

*I originally wrote this post for MommyNearest.com I’ll be honest with you, I get excited when I walk into a craft store. I enjoy crafting, baking, DIYs, and cooking. I might be a Pinterest Mom. The popular social media site has mixed reviews, with moms claiming to fall victim to “Pinterest Stress” because of it’s […]

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Screen Time – What’s The Right Amount?

When it comes to your child’s TV watching, i-Pad and Smartphone-playing, how much do you allow? It’s kind of a touchy subject, right? Whenever I’ve been asked the question, I always squirm in my seat and rack my brain for the best explanation I can come up with as to why she watches, how much she […]

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