Grocery Store Savings Tips and Secrets

Confession time, living two blocks away from a Whole Foods Market has turned me into a grocery store junkie. On a bad week, I visit the store at least 5 times. Yes, at least 5 times. There are several reasons why I frequent the grocery store so often, not owning a car and a lack of strong biceps to name a few. My frequent shopping means I’ve acquired an abundance of grocery store savings tips and secrets to help stay on budget.

Grocery Store Savings Tips and Secrets

 Grocery Store Savings Tips and Secrets 

1. Shop seasonally
When I create a grocery list, I just write “fruit”, no specifics. If I have my mind set on grapes and they end up being $8 lb., I still want my grapes! Instead, buy the fruit in season – it’s at peak freshness and priced to sell.

2. Buy frozen
When your favorite fruits and veggies aren’t in peak season, shop the frozen aisle. Nowadays produce is flash frozen to lock in the nutrients at the point of optimal freshness – blueberries are picked and frozen in the summer,etc. – the cost savings is often significant.

3. Weigh your produce
It’s so difficult to estimate the weight of produce correctly – I am always blown away by how far off I am.

4.  Shop the circular/sales flyer
This might be obvious, but unless you receive one in the mail, or you walk through the main entrance flyers are easy to miss – I always forget.

5.  Plan a weekly menu
My best grocery store savings come when I write out a full menu for the week. It’s extremely easy to leave the store with a ton of groceries and no dinner – it’s happened more than I care to admit.

6.  Take half
Need half a loaf of bread or head of cabbage? – ask! The answer won’t always be yes, but often times it’s worth asking {specifically the bakery and produce section might help with this}.

7.  Buy bulk
If your grocery store has a bulk section, take advantage of it. There is cost savings to be found and it allows you to choose the exact quantity you need for recipes – less waste and added cost.

8.  Avoid sales pitfalls
While it’s important to snag a deal, don’t buy just to buy. Also, be sure to check the price per pound/ounce – a deal might not really be a deal.

9. Shop around
Sometimes shopping at one grocery store isn’t enough to find true cost savings. I often peruse online retailers to check prices on items we buy often – I do this now more than ever since having a baby. With free shipping options a plenty, look elsewhere before settling on a price.

10. Shop early and on Wednesday
Rumor has it Wednesday is the best day to shop because stores announce their weekly sales and shopping early allows first dibs on the fresh produce.

11. Check your receipt!
I was once charged for 35 avocados instead of 2 – simple human errors are commonplace. ALWAYS check your receipt and say something if the price doesn’t match what’s listed on the shelf.

Do you have any helpful tips to add to the list? When do you hit the grocery store? 



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