Baby Proofing Checklist For Traveling

The summertime is all about traveling, whether it’s down the street to grandma’s house or thousands of miles away, the need to baby proof never stops. Whenever I am traveling and away from home, I dread the thought of needing to baby proof yet another space. My 16-month-old-daughter is as curious as they come these days and keeping her out of trouble can be a tedious job, but it certainly doesn’t stop me from hitting the road. In order to streamline the process and make life a little easier I’ve created a baby proofing checklist that I hope you find useful as well!

Baby Proofing Checklist

Baby Proofing Checklist
Before I do ANYTHING I scan the space, be it a hotel room, vacation house, or friend’s apartment. As a parent I aim to be prepared for any potential trouble making, which usually requires a quick check for the following:

  • Breakable items on low tables i.e.: coffee tables, end tables, night stands
  • Stairs
  • Doors (leading down stairs or outside), balconies or decks
  • Window (screens and locks)
  • Window blinds
  • Cleaning supplies

In baby proofing a home away from home, I look for temporary fixes and simple solutions, i.e.: locking doors and windows, and removing breakable items. Once I’ve peaked around, then I conduct the following baby proofing if necessary:

  • Remove all table top vases and other breakable items within reach
  • Move any sharp or dangerous kitchen items out of sight and reach
  • Cover the outlets with plastic outlet covers (pack a few in your luggage)
  • Check window screens and lock if necessary (especially if on a higher floor)
  • Lock screen doors (if available) leading outside
  • Wrap up loose blind cords (a piece of thick tape should work as a temporary fix)
  • Remove all toxic cleaning supplies from under the sink and store out of sight for the duration of your trip

The best piece of advice I received regarding baby proofing is that the “proofing” is only designed to slow the process and a caregiver should always be one step behind. Baby proofing while on vacation may seem like a laborious task, but by using the baby proofing checklist above or creating one of your own can serve as a useful reminder of what to look for no matter the destination.

What is on your traveling baby proofing checklist?


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