Car Sickness Strikes Again

My daughter has been suffering from car sickness lately and I have to admit, it hasn’t been a fun experience. Her motion sickness seems to have come on rather quickly, one car ride she’s lightly snacking and iPad watching and the next she’s vomiting. She’s older, of course, and more aware of her surroundings, but it seemed like a light went on {or off} all of a sudden.

Living in New York City and not owning a car means she doesn’t have a lot of exposure to riding in one, therefore finding a common denominator had the potential to take several months. After she experienced car sickness 3 or 4 times in a row however, I knew I had to find a solution. She is almost two years old and still rear facing – turning her around is my last resort {I’ve heard in certain cases it doesn’t even help}, especially since we drive so infrequently.

Car Sickness Strikes Again

In an attempt to find a timely solution I began conducting some research and started making some adjustments based on my findings:

  • eliminating dairy and food before car rides {no food two hours prior to traveling},
  • no technology {or even books}
  • avoiding over-bundling {heat apparently doesn’t help with motion sickness}
  • installing the carseat in the middle seat
  • driving slow and smooth {hard to avoid in NYC traffic}

I put the adjustments to the test during our latest trip and failed miserably – she got sick during the rides to and from the airport. Contributing factors for both the trips included miserable driving, traffic, and she was suffering from a cold. The car ride home from the airport was so bad in fact, I almost threw up as well – can you even imagine? My poor husband.

The unsuccessful car trips didn’t put a damper on our vacation, but they did send me back to the drawing board even more determined to find a solution or at the least, accept that I need to start packing a serious vomit kit.

Well, would you know I found a lot of useful information and a solution to my daughter’s car sickness – we’ve now gone four rides with no vomit. I can’t wait to share it with you..

Check back with me in a few weeks to read an all encompassing post regarding car sickness – including my latest successful tactic and all the other information I’ve come across.

Does your child suffer from car sickness? 




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