Exploring Rhode Island: Roger Williams Park Zoo

I recently traveled to Rhode Island to visit my parents and decided to explore Roger Williams Park Zoo. As a native Rhode Islander I am admittedly biased, but I was really impressed with the wide selection of exotic species, the well-kept grounds, and the condition of the animals; I am a little soft when it comes to seeing animals in captivity, but they seemed to be well looked after. I was able to witness this firsthand as three massive elephants received a warm shower and soapy scrub-down, not to shabby! She clearly looked to be enjoying herself..

Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence RI

Located in Providence, Rhode Island, the zoo is the perfect size for visiting with young children; we toured all the exhibits in about an hour. We spent the morning at the zoo, but if you were visiting during lunchtime, there are several eateries and plenty of shaded areas to eat. In true Rhode Island fashion, there was a Del’s Lemonade (lemon flavored crushed ice) stand where the baby sampled her first taste..

Roger Williams Zoo Rhode Island

A little weary at first, but she quickly realized I was offering her a tasty treat! Aside from her Del’s experience, she saw a number of animals for the first time including seals, bears, elephants, giraffes, kangaroos, a snow leopard, and many others! What a great day for making new friends! 🙂

Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence RI

Masai Giraffe

Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence RI

Laughing Kookaburra

Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence RI

Snow Leopard

Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence RI

Moon Bears

Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence RI

Bald Eagles

Do you enjoy visiting the zoo with your family? What has been your favorite zoo experience? 





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