I Love To Hate Old Carousels

I was both THRILLED and terrified to stumble upon this amazing old carousel while in Rhode Island this past week..

Old Carousel, Rhode Island

Vintage Carousel, Rhode Island While the old carousel is still functioning today at Roger Williams Park, there is something a little haunting about the animals. I was never a fan of carousels as a kid, so maybe I’m projecting my own childhood feelings a bit, but can you see what I mean? S.P.O.O.K.Y…

Old Carousel, Rhode Island

Thankfully I mustered up the courage to pay a visit to the carousel because I really wanted some photographs. The ride is so classic and timeless, the attention to detail and the victorian craftsmanship is stunning. Still haunting, but what a beauty..

Old Carousel, Rhode Island On second thought forget the horses, maybe this guy was responsible for the chills up my spine! It might be a while before I take the baby for a spin…

Do you love or love to hate old carousels? 



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