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I want to share a great parenting resource, the Baby Bargains book! I was thankfully referred to the book by many rockstar parents ahead of baby A’s arrival, so our registry and first purchases were influenced and guided by their recommendations. The FANTASTIC thing about the Baby Bargains book is that there are no advertisements, meaning you can trust that their reviews are genuine and not influenced by money, corporations, etc. The book essentially rates products (cribs, carseats, strollers, breast pumps, high chairs – you name it) based on a set of criteria depending on the product. For example when reviewing high chairs they rate based on the following: price, tray release, dishwasher-safe trays, tray height, seat depth, ‘cleanability’ and of course safety. Now if I’m being honest, my criteria for buying a high chair before reading the book’s review was,”Will this high chair look cute in my apartment?” – yup, that’s why I need a book like this. I’ve blogged on this topic before, but being a new parent in a sea of baby products is super overwhelming because EVERYTHING seems great with the right marketing. This book really cuts down the guess work and brings you a lot closer to finding the right product for you. Aside from the great reviews, the book also offers money saving secrets and suggestions. Now, what parent can’t benefit from saving money?

The book retails for under $12 (on Amazon) and is updated every other year to keep current with the latest products. I would recommend the soft copy over the kindle version as I found it easier to take notes and flip through as I shopped. I’ve been really satisfied with the purchases I made based on the book’s reviews and couldn’t recommend it more!

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