Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day provides us all with the great opportunity to show our appreciation for the special men in our lives. Father’s Day will always be special, but my husband will be celebrating for the first time, so I want to get this right or as right as I can with a 3-month-old baby in the house! While I think it’s really important and fun to allow children to take the lead, my baby isn’t quite ready to offer the “I will empty the dishwasher” coupons just yet, but fingers crossed for next year!

If you’re looking for a gift or a little inspiration, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Father’s Day gifts below for all types of Dads. Regardless of what you buy or make Dad this year or any year – the day is really about slowing down and showing him how much you care.

The first gift idea is a classic – you can’t go wrong with a cute frame and a beautiful picture of baby and Dad. I love the details on the two below, especially the second one if you enjoy a little arts and crafts.

For the Dad who loves to cook, check out Weber’s new grilling cookbook, Time to Grill. This cookbook includes sections on grilling basics, prep tips, and recipes for grilling all types of food, including dessert (bonus for you!).

For the Dad who loves gadgets and working out (or just loves gadgets), the Nike Fuel Band is a really cool product that tracks your movements and allows you to set fitness goals. The band wirelessly transfers all of the information to your smart phone and computer. I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband and he really enjoys it – he uses it during workouts, but also to track the distance (steps) he travels everyday while he’s running around for work.

For the Dad who loves the NFL and drinking beer…hmm does anyone know a Dad who falls under this category? You can’t go wrong with an NFL beer glass and Dad’s favorite beer so he can test it out (wink, wink) on Father’s Day!

For the Dad who has everything and enjoys a little organization – buy him a monogrammed box to store his watch, cufflinks – whatever it may be. What screams new Dad more than a monogrammed leather cuff box?

Lastly, for the Dad who loves a good book, purchase him No Regrets Parenting by Dr. Harley Rotbart. The New York Times wrote of the book: “Dr. Rotbart writes to help us turn painfully long minutes into funny moments, and he does it practically, in one- or two-page essays on everything from ice cream sundaes to college counseling. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s more about being a parent than it is about actually parenting the kids themselves — no star charts here.” You can check out the entire review here.

Happy Father’s Day!

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