How To Create A Travel Medical Kit For Baby

Taking care of a sick child is awful, but dealing with a sick child on the road, on vacation, or even worse, under someone else’s care, is dismal. If you find yourself in this predicament all you can hope for is to be prepared!

I never think about what medicine I have on hand until someone is sick and it always seems to be 2 o’clock in the morning! After my previous mishap, I decided I needed to be better prepared and organized when it comes to the baby’s medicine. To do this, I created  two medicine kits, one to keep in the house and one to stock away for travels or emergencies.


You can fill your kit with whatever makes the most sense for your little one (Epipen, etc.), but mine includes the following (check with your pediatrician if you are unsure about what to include):

1. Little Remedies Saline Solution (great for a stuffy nose)


2. Infant Acetaminophen

Tips: Always use the dropper/cup/syringe that came with the medicine. For young babies, ask your pediatrician for weight/dosage amount and mark it on the bottle or dosage sheet along with the date. Update with weight changes.


Keep the medicine, dropper and specific weight/dosage instructions together in a separate plastic bag.


3. Children’s Benadryl

I taped Alexa’s last dosage amount (dictated by her pediatrician) and the date directly to the bottle to keep track. Until she reaches the age/weight to follow the box, I will need to keep checking with the doctor, but at least I have a reference point and the ability to tell the doctor what amount worked in the past.


4. Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops

5. Rectal Thermometer

6. Emergency Information Card


Why include an information card? Because life is unpredictable and you never know when a card like this could come in handy.

Why Should You Make a Travel Medicine Kit?

1. Do you travel often? Forget packing and re-packing, create a kit once and store it away.

2. You’re on vacation and your baby comes down with a fever, but you can’t remember the correct dosage amount because she’s to small to follow the bottle instructions.

3. Your baby is with family for a night while you’re at a wedding. She comes down with a fever and you get a call asking what to do. The medicine, the dropper and the dosage amount are all included in the kit.

4. Because YOU want to avoid a late night trip to a drug store at 2 o’clock in the morning to find Benadryl on your vacation!!


* Consult a doctor or call 9-1-1 (United States) if your baby is experiencing a true medical emergency. Always follow the correct dosage instructions from the package or your pediatrician.

What is in your travel medical kit? 




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