How To Stock The House For A Picky Toddler

This will be my last post (for now) on ways to streamline and organize the craziness that is life with children. I recently wrote about my plan for creating a weeknight dinner “go-to” list and it really seems to be helping my family. Instead of playing the annoying, “Whats for dinner?” game every night, I think I’ve finally found a solution! The last step to creating a seamless weeknight meal plan is to create what I like to call, the “Toddler 15”.  I thought of the idea after speaking with several different mama friends and determined that every toddler/small child has a list of favorites foods. Similar to what I suggested with the go-to list, I decided to create my “Toddler 15” and use it as a reference every time I head out the door to grocery shop! My list is below,


I think it’s great to keep offering the family dinner in an attempt to expand those food horizons, but if your baby is anything like mine, aka picky, I’ve determined it’s best to keep the house stocked with her favorites. She’s far to young to “go to bed without dinner”, therefore it’s on me to make sure she’s eating something, even if it’s bananas, green beans and ground turkey for dinner! Who knew such a combination could be so tasty! 🙂

Just as with the go-to list, pick and choose what you buy off the Toddler 15. You certainly don’t need all 15 or so items in the house at any given time, it’s just a reference to help keep yourself organized. For example, maybe avocados are on sale this week; stock up and forget the peas!

What do you think of the “Toddler 15”? Does your little eater have a list of favorites? 


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