Solid Food: Baby’s Pea Puree

I am starting to get a hang of this whole solid food/making baby food thing! Baby A is eating well, we’ve covered grains (oatmeal) and are now working our way through veggies; she’s eaten avocado, sweet potato and peas! As I’ve mentioned previously, oatmeal is far and away her favorite at this point, with sweet potato a distant second. I think she might have an aversion for green foods because avocado and peas don’t seem to be her thing just yet.

At the suggestion of our pediatrician, I also started introducing water after each meal. She recommended we start practicing for when Alexa gets teeth and will need a nice rinse after a meal, too funny! Also, because Alexa does not use a bottle (still breastfeeding), we’ve gone straight to a sippy cup and she absolutely loves it! I’ve been helping her with this of course by holding the cup and watching the amount of water filling to the tip – but I think she’s game for the taste of water! This is REALLY exciting to me because I LOVE water! Note: If you are about to introduce a sippy cup, don’t be alarmed if your little one chokes while learning to use the cup – they understandably have no idea to expect liquid on the first few tries and might gulp a tad too much. I would suggest standing by and taking charge especially in the beginning.

For those of you wondering what product I used, I went for basic and simple with the Munchkin Click and Lock cups (4 pack for $4.99). The lid-lock feature is particularly nice and I feel confident knowing she won’t spill the entire contents of the cup down her shirt. Yay, less laundry for Mommy!!

 As I mentioned earlier, making a puree is really simple. I think it’s more a question of whether you have the time to spend vs buying pre-made products. This is one of the luxuries (or curses) of being a stay at home Mom. I wouldn’t say I have endless hours to make baby puree, but I don’t “commute” to my job, so I have a little extra time! It’s also nice to know exactly what she’s eating and it’s certainly a money saver! See below for details on the pea puree!


I used Organic Whole Foods’ brand frozen peas. I would LOVE to avoid using frozen veggies, but they are just as nutritious and it saved me a ton of time. Cook according to the package (fill water to just above the peas, bring to a boil and cook for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and cover for 2 minutes.)

DSC_0505 DSC_0506


I used an immersion blender to puree the peas. It worked OK – but I would suggest using a food processor. Peas have a thin casing and it was a bit of a challenge getting the right consistency. Save time and use a more powerful machine.


Final product – pea puree!

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