Swaddling Baby – Part II

In my last post, I wrote a little about the reason behind swaddling and how my husband and I were finding our way through the swaddles and chaos of life with a newborn. I purposely left off at the six-week mark because that was when we were introduced to the Miracle Blanket and our frustrations with swaddling became a thing of the past!

The Miracle Blanket is a ready-made swaddle with individual arm flaps and a “bucket” to contain baby’s legs. For those of you who are familiar with all things baby, the fabric of the swaddle is similar to the Moby Wrap but thinner – the cloth stretches a tiny bit while you pull and swaddle baby. Also, because it is a ready-made swaddle, there is not an abundance of additional material, making it much easier to create a nice snug fit. From what I’ve seen in terms of swaddles, these features are what make this one unique.

From about 6-11 weeks, life was great – the baby was sleeping from 7:30-8:00pm to 7:00-7:30am with one feed between 3:00-4:30am. I was waking up refreshed and overall felt really confident that we had figured it out – put on that badge – we’ve mastered another parental milestone. Those, of course, were famous last words. Around 11 weeks was when Alexa began fighting the swaddle more aggressively – she successfully figured out how to remove one leg from the “bucket”, but thankfully, she still remained safely swaddled throughout the night.
Once we reached week 12, all bets were off – our champion sleeper had vanished and we did not have a “miracle” waiting in the wings. My next post will bring you fully up to date as we retire the swaddle for good. 

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