The Bane of My Existence – A Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Any new parents having a difficult time getting their newborn to take a daily vitamin? Of all the things I do for my baby, between her feedings, diaper changes, bathing, nail clipping, etc. – I struggle the most with administering the vitamin. Our pediatrician prescribed a daily dose of Vitamin D, as studies have shown breast milk alone does not provide babies with enough of the vitamin because they do not (or should not) have direct access to the sun. My husband and I have tried a number of different techniques to help our baby swallow the thick, cherry-flavored liquid, but she really struggles to get it down. Because she is on a milk-only diet, I can understand that the consistency and flavor throws her for a loop, but we are continuing to heed the doctor’s advice to give her what she needs.

the bane of my existence

This was a daily ritual we started at five days old and it’s become only slightly better as she has reached the three-month mark. We tried slipping the dropper down the side of her mouth while holding her up right; we’ve tried serving it to her in a spoon and every time she gags, coughs, or gurgles it back out while looking at me with those “ARE YOU KIDDING ME MOM?” eyes.

At her two-month doctor’s appointment she received her first series of shots and the Polio vaccination was administered orally which was about the same dosage and consistency as the Vitamin D. To my amazement, the doctor laid her on her back and she sucked down that medicine like a champ. After two months of torturing myself, that’s all it took? If you’ve ever tried eating or drinking while horizontal, you would know how counterintuitive the thought of giving medicine to a newborn that way is. The doctor let me know it was safe to administer medicine/vitamins to newborns on their back as long as the amount was small, so no bottle-feeding on the back!

We’ve been trying this new technique for the past month and it’s been a lot better. She still struggles a little, but I don’t feel as tortured as I used too. If you’re in the same boat, try giving your little one medicine/vitamins on his/her back and see how it goes! If motherhood has taught me anything, it’s to be very observant of other people’s techniques, ask a lot of questions and try everything at least once to see what works best for your baby!

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  1. Ali & Andy May 4, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    If you buy vitamin D without the vitamins A and C the flavor is different. Also I try to give it in between sides when nursing so that the flavor is quickly washed away with a familiar taste. The dose of vit D is pretty high – I think they expect most parents of newborns to forget doses 🙂

  2. Anna May 5, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    Thanks so much for the advice, I am going to give just the vitamin D a try!

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